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Fuel22…The New Kid on the Block

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Fuel22 Digital Marketing
So here I sit on my laptop on a Friday night, realizing that in a few short days Fuel22 will go live and become “real”. I have to say I’m super-excited yet have a pinch of anxiety. After all, it’s been 5 years since I’ve had my own gig. During that time I’ve learned a lot and have had some absolutely amazing experiences. It’s those experiences that ultimately gave birth to Fuel22. I’ve developed great relationships, built a team of award-winning people, honed my skills navigating corporate culture (some may question that!) and have worked with many inspiring clients.

So what does that mean moving forward? Those years were invaluable to what Fuel22 strives to be. A first-class boutique agency that takes the best from both worlds…the agility and flexibility to get things done when other agencies can’t, and the professionalism required to play on the main stage with global brands. The best of both worlds.

It’s this vision that I believe, will make Fuel22 a success…as well as the clients who choose to work with us. Ah, clients. I’m sure you’ll see that we’re heavy in motorsport/action sport. It’s a passion of mine and I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the best in the business. Literally. Don’t let that sway you though, as you’ll see in our portfolio section we can hold our own within many industries.

Enough of the sales pitch. I’m just really amped to embark on this new journey and get back to what I love doing most. I look forward to possibly working with your brand. You won’t be disappointed. With that said…what can Fuel22 do for you?

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