Motorsport Re-Defined

Global Rallycross is rapidly growing new brand of motorsport.  A cross between rally and supercross, it offers a revolutionary new take on traditional wheel-to-wheel racing.  Introduced initially as an X-Games event in 2010, the sport has attracted top drivers such as Travis Pastrana, Ken Block, Brian Deegan and Tanner Foust.  It has since developed into it’s own series with 10 races in 2013 spanning the globe.

In order to capture the growing demographic of younger, more technically savvy race fans Global Rallycross needed to increase it’s online presence and keep it’s fans engaged throughout the season with fresh content packaged in a way that reflects the intensity of the sport.

Since the site launch traffic has increased by 80%, with over 55% of the traffic coming from new visitors.

Agency: Terralever

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