World Championship Pedigree

Red Bull Racing formed in 2005, rising from the ashes of Jaguar’s Formula One Team. In the beginning they were known as the party team, not the winning one. How times have changed. In 2010 Red Bull Racing got serious. They found the winning formula on track with Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber. They also realized the need for a much stronger digital presence. The objective was to create an experience which encapsulated the Red Bull brand, the glamour of Formula One and engage fans by providing rich media, constantly evolving content and social integration.

Quite a bit has happened since that initial visit to Milton Keynes. The site has won over 10 international awards during the past 4 years. Fan engagement has exponentially increased across the board with every new iteration and update. And the team? Well they followed suit with 4 consecutive driver and constructors championships. We’d like to think the website had something to do with it : ).

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